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PLHS Music Center -- A Center of Excellence Initiative
Connecting Students, School and Community Through Music

Multiple Naming Opportunities Available (subject to SDUSD policy)

The PLHS Vanguard Band, under the baton of John Dally, Jr., plays its first appearance in the site of the new Music Center during the 2007 VAPA Open House, after the band parents had swept the floor. Despite harsh acoustics and harsher lighting, the Band sounded great!

Music enriches our community and enhances intellectual development and the academic environment.

The high school experience plays a critical role in defining students' lives and the vitality of our communities. A vibrant music program plays an important role in raising a school from standard to excellent.

To ensure that the Point Loma High School Music Program continues to thrive and expand the PLHS Pointer Association, the school, and the San Diego Unified School District are partnering to convert a now-vacant building into a State-of-the-art Music Center. This innovative partnership was made possible by the high level of community support shown for this initiative.

As of May 2007, almost half a million dollars has been pledged and raised and architectural plans are completed. We hope for occupancy during the 2007/2008 school year.

We are seeking to raise another $500,000 to benefit the program. You can help. Donate Now!

The vitality of the Point Loma High School Music Program is undeniable. The quality of their award-winning music is awe-inspiring. And the program is unequivocally:
• helping develop students’ potential and intelligence
• providing a positive venue for creativity and self-expression
• uniting students of different cultural & ethnic backgrounds
• connecting PLHS to the community, and
• developing leadership skills

The history of the music program:

In 2002 the instrumental program had shriveled to a mere 22 members – it was a very small band.

Since then, growth in the PLHS music program has been driven by dynamic leadership at PLHS, strong community support and strong feeder school programs.

This year (2006/2007), we had 110 members in instrumental/marching band, 36 in the choir, 24 in the jazz band, 40 members of the color guard, and 20 participating in the college-level AP music theory class.

For the coming school year (2007/2008) we will add an orchestral instrumental program.

Quite simply, the music program has outgrown its current single-classroom environment. Students often find practice space in the stairwells and bathrooms.

We need your help! Donate Now!

The Music Center Initiative will fund the conversion of an unused building on the PLHS campus into a Music Center and provide ongoing support for the program. The transformation of this 2,500 sq ft building will provide for a state-of-the-art music facility to accommodate the PLHS Choir, Concert and Marching Bands, and the All-City Honor Band. The Music Center will also enable the development of a Symphony Orchestra, and provide capabilities for the recording and production of digital music for students and community members. The PLHS Music Center will benefit the school, students and the community for generations to come.

Help us connect students, school and community through music with your tax-deductible donation. Join us in the celebration of high-quality music, community involvement and first-rate young adults whose core values include achievement, commitment, community, cooperation, leadership and responsibility. The development of the Music Center sends a compelling message to all – music plays an important role in education, and it is an important part of our lives and our community. With your help, the PLHS Music Program will become a nationally-recognized Center
of Excellence.

Please donate now!

For more information, please contact Board President John Baker:

PLHS Music 

Please Donate
We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible as permitted by law. Consult your tax advisor.

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